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Late Again by Lucas Mohan

While I know of some notable exceptions, homeschooling families as a general rule seem to have a remarkable talent for showing up late. Not just late for classes, doctor's appointments, and the like, but for nearly any task that is supposed to be completed by a certain date. This blog post, for instance, was supposed to be completed yesterday, but either my homeschooler's lack of timeliness, personal laziness, mere forgetfulness, or even a heady mixture of all of the above delayed its completion. Of course, it would be completely hypocritical for me to criticize parents who find themselves running behind schedule, seeing that I am guilty of the same fault. On the contrary, I would be the first to challenge the one who criticizes the large homeschooling family for its tardiness to try and change a diaper, pack some sandwiches for lunch and try to quiet a cacophony of screaming children, not to mention herding all the kids into a car and buckling them into their cumbersome seats that look like they were designed for usage in experimental aircraft. It is quite a feat to accomplish all of this and arrive only a few minutes late. I could discuss this subject to a much greater extent, but my family has to go meet some friends at the park, and we're already fifteen minutes late.

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