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Speech Night 2015

Friday Evening, May 22, 2015
here to access the program. All of the speeches, recitations and
dramatic productions were delivered without the aid of notes. 
RecitationsA is for Apple Class
00:00 / 01:30

A is for Apple Class Recitations

“The Kangaroo” by Ogden Nash, recited by Alexander Klee

“The Elephant” by Ogden Nash, recited by Emily Garecht

“The Panther” by Ogden Nash, recited by Micah Lozano

Letters Part 1Classic Works
00:00 / 09:39
Letters Part 2Classic Works
00:00 / 09:39

Classic Works of the Imagination Class Speeches

Part 1

A Letter by Lia Welch 

A Letter by Noah Davidson

A Letter by Elsa Walter

A Letter by Zipporah Ellis

Part 2

A Letter by Jeremiah Levine

A Letter by Megan Stevens

A Letter by Catherine Lyon

RecitationsFoundations Class
00:00 / 05:28

Foundations Class Recitations

“Light Shining out of Darkness” by William Cowper Jacob Louie and Ethan Tom

“The Pedigree of Honey” by Emily Dickinson Sarah Stahl

“Lines” by William Wordsworth Evi Sargeant and Sarah Bailey

“The Echoing Green” by William Blake Will and Lewis Ghrist 

RecitationsVice and Virtue Class
00:00 / 05:28

Vice and Virtue Class Recitations

“Good Friday” by Christina Rossetti recited by Elizabeth Ko and Anna Lozano

“The Eagle” by Alfred Tennyson recited by Kellen Stevens

 “A Chill” by Christina Rossetti Caroline Drennen

“Praise to Our Creator” by Isaac Watts recited by Gianluca Milani

 “The Pasture” by Robert Frost recited by Beri Chung

“I'm Nobody” by Emily Dickinson recited by Martha Roberts

Dramatic ProductionThe Personal Narrative Class
00:00 / 12:50

The Personal Narrative Class Dramatic Production

University Days : screenplay written by Colette Cavazos, Haley Garecht and Linda Manginelli, derived from James Thurber’s My Life and Hard Times.

Scene 1 Narrator: Linda Manginelli; James: Sam Bushra; Professor: William Livezey; Students: Jack Drennen, Chloe MacLacklin, Caleb Cavazos, Stephen Lozano, Joshua Louie, Samantha Tom

Scene 2 Narrator: Haley Garecht; Economics Professor: Joshua Louie; Bolenciecwz: Jack Drennen; Students: Jack Drennen, Chloe MacLacklin, Caleb Cavazos, Stephen Lozano, Joshua Louie, Samantha Tom

Scene 3 Narrator: Haley Garecht; Gym Coach: Stephen Lozano; James: Sam Bushra; Nice Student: Chloe MacLacklin; Agricultural Student: Samantha Tom

Scene 4 Narrator: Linda Manginelli; General: Joshua Louie; James: Sam Bushra; Students: Jack Drennen, Chloe MacLacklin, Caleb Cavazos, Stephen Lozano, Samantha Tom 

2015 BIRDS CompleteB is for Birds Class
00:00 / 07:25

B is for Birds Class Recitations

Nathaniel Tom reciting “I’ve Had This Shirt” by Michael Rosen
Luke Bushra reciting “For the Poor” by William Cowper

Cecilia and Micah Volpe reciting “Seasons” by Christina Rossetti

Jesse Maio reciting “If All Were Rain” by Christina Rossetti

Matthew Kuznicki reciting “Against Idleness and Mischief” by Isaac Watts
Sean and Claire Trzybinski reciting “The Owl” by Alfred Tennyson

Francesca Milani and Lydia Reese reciting The “Little Joys” by Theodisia Garrison

Speeches Part 1Short Story Class
00:00 / 17:18
Speeches Part 1Short Story Class
00:00 / 23:14

The Short Story Class Speeches

Part 1

"A Life Colored by Sunsets" by Grace Ellis

"A Christmas Story" by Annie Ghrist

"Box" by Andrew Harper

"Government and Taxes" by Isaac Linton

"Smartphones" by Tad Lyon

Part 2

"Nobody but Myself" by Antonia Milani

"Where Time Stands Still" by Grace Mox

"Stopping by the Pizza Parlor on a Snowy Afternoon" by Marisa Sankey

"Running" by Micah Sterret

"Poison Ivy" by Jonam Walter

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