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U. S. History

The AP US History Exam will be given on Friday, May 5, 2023. If you plan on taking the test, you can sign up at a local high school, or as many of my students have in the past, with DCCS.

A Study of U. S. History from the Age of Exploration to the Present with Primary Source Material.



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General Course Description

Students will have two base texts, but our classroom focus and writing assignments will be on primary source documents. The following lists the general goals of the course.

1) Students will understand what the study of history involves. One misconception is that studying history is merely the  memorization of facts and dates—although that does play an important role. The proper study of history involves drawing logical conclusions regarding causes and effects of events and situations by using textual evidence from primary source documents.

2) Students will get a sense of purpose in the study of history. The study of history serves a variety of purposes, one of which is not bolstering our prejudiced assumptions about the world. One important benefit of knowing history is that it provides an informed perspective on the problems of the present and suggests real, not theoretical solutions.

3) Students will learn how to interpret primary source documents. When students read  primary source documents, it is important for them to know about the authors and their relationship to the event about which they are writing. It is also important for them to consider the author's milieu, viewpoints and any consequential biases. In essays, students will be required to compare and contrast the perspective of authors of the past with that of authors of the present.

Materials Needed

Assignment 1

     Journal Entries of Columbus

     Alexander VI's Papal Bull and the Line of Demarcation

     Textbook Material on Columbus

Assignment 2

     John's Smith's account of himself

Assignment 3

     Jonathan Winthrop's "A Model of Christian Charity"

     Cotton Mather's "Roger Williams"

     The Trial of Anne Hutchinson

Assignment 4

     Documents of the Great Awakening

     Jonathan Edwards' sermon text

     Jonathan Edwards' sermon audio

Assignment 5

     DBQ Sample Question 

     DBQ Sample Response

Assignment 6

     Governor Dinwiddie's Letter to the French 

     The French Reply to Governor Dinwiddie's Letter

Assignment 6

     Patrick Henry's speech "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death"

     The Stamp Act Document

     Jonathan Mayhew's "When is Resistance a Duty"

     UNIT 5 Test Sheet and DBQ Documents

Assignment 8

     The Federalist Papers

Assignment 9

     George Washington's Farewell Address

Assignment 10

     Timothy Flint's Standard of the Frontier

Assignment 11

     Unit 2 Test including the Great Awakening

Assignment 14

     Lincoln's First Inaugural Address

     Unit 3 Test

Assignment 17

     Rockefeller Anti-Trust Document

Assignment 24

     Unit 6 and 7 Test

Assignment 26

     L. B. J.'s Great Society Speech

Assignment 31

     Final Exam

     Please do not open until you have studied for the test; honor code signature


AP History Tests
Assignment 22 DBQ

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