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2023–2024 Tentative Schedule


The schedule below lists the times of both the in-person English literature classes and the online Greek, Grammar, and Greek and Roman History. The classes are listed as tentative because a course might be added to or removed from the schedule according to the number of those who sign up for each. The Art Schedule will be announced soon, but will be coordinated with the English classes.

Friday Literature Classes

8:45–9:45  C is for Cottage

9:45–10:45  Vice and Virtue

11:15–12:15  Greek Influence on English Literature

12:30–1:30  Classic Works of the Imagination, Symbol and Allegory

1:30–2:30  English Literature and History

2:30–3:30  A is for Apple (Tentative)

Online Classes

Wednesdays  2:30–3:30  Greek III

Wednesdays  3:30–4:30  Grammar

Thursdays 1:45–2:45  Greek I

Thursdays  2:45–3:45  Greek and Roman History

Art Classes 

Classes and times will be announced later, but will be coordinated with the English literature classes.

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