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Were You Listening?

Speech by Felicity Sutton

Switching Flights

Speech by Manuel Strid

The Mysteries of EMFs

Speech by Steve O’Hara

The Scariest Moment of My Life

Speech By J. P. Levenick


Speech by Elise Lengkeek

Patience Is a Lost Virtue

Andrew Malachowski

The Princess and the Pea

Speech by Anna Knutson

The Longest Shortcut

Speech by Matt O’Hara

A One-Pan Wonder

Speech by Ana Mohan

Fine Print

Speech by Sophia Burrowes

A Rainbow amidst the Storm

Speech by Heather Kaplan

Make Up Your Mind

Speech by Grace Oglesby

A Bad Attitude

Speech by Faith Oglesby

The Beauty from the Pain

by Gabriel Wallacavage

The Grass Is Always Greener on the Other Side of the Equator

Speech by Lucas Mohan

Hard Lessons

Speech by Micah Chen

The Beauty Been

Speech by Francesca Milani

Lost in Boston

Speech by Paul Nijs

Lessons from Summer Camp

Speech by Caleb Garecht

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Recitations and Plays

“The First Day of Spring” recited by Abby Giannotti; “Who Loves the Trees Best,” recited by Elise Sheridan; “Mr. Finney’s Turnip,” recited by Natalie Kelly;  “I Remember,” recited by Sviat Voznyi; “Sunset” recited by Michael Levenick.

Babysitting the Wilsons: a Play about Homeschoolers

Father, played by Lucas Mohan and Miss Forster, played by Anna Walter

Miles, played by Joshua Duan; Micky, played by Brendan O’Hara; May, played by Catherine O’Hara; Maud, played by Lydia Knutson; Mandy, played by Sally Kaplan; Margot, played by Margot Mohan; Maggy, played by Alahna Sheridan; Raymond, played by Mateo Strid; Malcolm, played by Nate Wallacavage; Max, played by Liam Garecht; Milton, played by Ben Shapren; Michelle, played by Kathleen Kelly; Molly, played by Ava Sheridan; Maurice, played by Mark Giannotti; Melvin, played by Finn McCowan; Morris, played by Oliver Haselbarth; Mindy, played by Julianne Kelly; Martin, played by Liam Garecht; McKinley, played by Bruno Haselbarth; Mason, played by Nicholas Wargo; Michael, played by Michael Giannotti; Marcie, played by Nora Dougherty

D is for Dandelion Recitation, Part 2

“The Stranger on the Sill” recited by Dominic Wargo; “Lines Written in Early Spring” recited by Catherine Patton; “Fire and Ice,” recited by Declan Ireland;  “The Fountain,” Recited by Ellie Shapren

The Selfish Woman, a Play

Greedy Woman played by Julie Shapren; Poor Woman played by Caroline Lengkeek

The Barber of Bagdad, a Play

Barber, played by Mary Levenick; Caliph played by Rocco Haselbarth; Donkey played by Ellie Shapren; Courtier played by Michael Levenick; Woodcutter played by John Malachowski

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