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English History Children's Book

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About the Project

Each year the English Literature and History students are assigned to write and illustrate their own children's book. Their choice of topic includes biographies of people important in English history, wars, and important events.

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Most Recent Books

Class of 2024

Margot Mohan, Thomas Becket

Ben Shapren, The Hundred Years' War

Lily Drennen, Joan of Arc

Mark Giannotti, The Proud King and the Good Bishop

Anjali, Upasani, A Tale of Two Friends

Sally Kaplan, The Gunpowder Plot

Nate Wallacavage, The War of the Roses

Natalia Tomczak, Edward III

Catherine Jennings, St. Augustine of Canterbury

Lydia Knutson, The War of the Roses

Mary Carriker, The Battle of Neville's Cross

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Previous Years

Class of 2022

Ana Mohan Queen Philippa

Mary Catherine White John, the Terrible King

John Lengkeek Richard III

Manuel Strid King Henry VIII and His Life of Adventure

Class of 2015

Maria Dierkes The Gunpowder Plot

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