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Speech Night 2022

The 2022 Speech Night program included recitations, dramatic monologues. To view the order in which the presentations were delivered, click here for the program.

A is for Apple Class
"The Arrow and the Song" by Henry Wadsworth LongfellowNicholas Wargo
00:00 / 00:46
"A Chill" by Christina RossettiOliver Haselbarth
00:00 / 00:33
Going Down Hill on a Bicycle” by Henry Charles BeechingAva Sheridan
00:00 / 01:05
There is But One May in the Year” by Christina RossettiAnne Marie Gasiewski
00:00 / 00:35
"The Lord Will Provide" by William CowperAlannah Sheridan
00:00 / 01:16
Drama, Writing Speech Class
Speeches 1Drama, Writing Speech Class
00:00 / 14:15
Speeches 2Drama, Writing and Speech Class
00:00 / 13:20
Speeches 3Drama, Writing and Speech Class
00:00 / 19:39

The Speeches  of the Drama, Writing and Speech Class are given in the following order:

Speeches 1

"On Greetings" by Isabelle Wallacavage

"Mr. and Mrs. Giegrich"
 by Anna Rose Walter

"A Day with Noah
" by Emma Lengkeek

Speeches 2

"If Men Were Angels: on Capital Punishment
" by Bridget Haselbarth;

"People at My Church
" by Gianluca Milani

"How I was Nearly Shiver’d like an Egg
" by Jacob Louie

Speeches 3

" by Grace Oglesby;

" by Lucas Mohan

"Cold March" by Francesca Milani

"The Value of a Compliment
" by Michael O’Hara

" by Elise Lengkeek

Vice and Virtue Class
Dramatic Monolgues 1Vice and Virtue Class
00:00 / 08:41
Dramatic Monologues 2Vice and Virtue Class
00:00 / 08:20

The Speeches are given in the following order:

Speeches 1

Levity and Solemnity: Levity by Ben Shapren and Solemnity by John Craig

Pride and Humility: Pride played by Gigi Marra and Humility played by Ava Marra

Vanity and Modesty: Vanity played by Margot Mohan and Modesty played by Sally Kaplan

Speeches 2

Deception and Honesty: Deception played by Julianne Kelly and Honesty played by Kathleen Kelly

Gossip and Do Not Gossip: Gossip played by Nate Wallacavage and Do Not Gossip played by Joshua Cao

Intemperance and Temperance: Intemperance played by Bruno Haselbarth and Temperance played by Matteo Strid.

C is for Cottage Class
RecitationsC is for Cottage Class
00:00 / 03:23

The Recitations are given in the following order:

“The Owl” by Alfred Tennyson, recited by Dominic Wargo; “The Mournful Linnets” by Christina Rossetti, recited by Declan Ireland; “Seasons” by Christina Rossetti, recited by Julie Shapren; “The Little Joys” by Theodosia Garrison, recited by Ellie Shapren; “I Remember” by Thomas Hood, recited by Rocco Haselbarth

English Literature and History
2022 Survey 1English LIiterature and HIstory Class
00:00 / 07:57
2022 Survey 2English LIiterature and HIstory Class
00:00 / 06:28

The dramatic monologues by the English Literature and History Class are given in the following order:

Dramatic Monologues 1

Fanny Burney played by Ana Mohan

George III, played by Caleb Garecht

Dr. John Willis, played by Linus Haselbarth

Dramatic Monologues 2

Patrick Henry, played by John Lengkeek

Francis Willis played by Manuel Strid

The Gardener, played by Lizzie Drennen

Screen Shot 2022-09-05 at 2.01.04 PM.png

The first page of the program features George III, who is most widely known in America for his stubborn refusal to listen to the grievances of the colonists, eventually resulting in war. However, there is another story to George II which will gain the sympathy of the most patriotic of Americans.  Click on image for the program to read about an incident regarding George III's battle with mental illness. The Survey of English Literature Class of 2022 composed monologues dramatizing the event.

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