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What Is Speech Night?

Speech Night is a formal event given at the end of the school year in which each student delivers a 3- to 6-minute speech completely without notes to a general audience. The event may include dramatic monologues, poetry recitations and plays. The purpose of Speech Night is to 


  1. Learn how to write public speeches. As part of their instruction, students learn rhetorical devices to communicate more clearly and effectively.

  2. Practice public speaking so that students are comfortable communicating to large assemblies. By mere practice students become more confident and assured.

  3. Improve the memory. Younger students memorize quotations and poetry and often use them in their speeches for illustrations.

  4. Gain the poise and confidence necessary for leadership. Students learn to control their voices and body to communicate warmth and friendliness.

  5. Show parents and others a visual overview of what was studied during the year. Each year Speech Night has a certain theme which reflects what was studied during the school year.

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